“It’s a perfect fit.” – That’s how Andrea Lauridsen expresses how she feels about her business, Healthy Spot Pet Nutrition and Supply, sponsoring Cirque, our Accredited Facility Dog here at Oak Centre

Healthy Spot supplies all Cirque’s necessities like food, treats and toys. They spoil her with the best in nutrition and stimulating activities for her play time. Healthy Spot also raises funds to cover Cirque’s other related costs. One successful fundraiser that Healthy Spot ran in the fall was the Cirque Surprise Box. It had lots of Cirque’s favorite treats and other surprises that buyers and their fur buddies could really enjoy.  The fundraiser was so successful it was a quick sell out and raised over $2000. “Way to go Healthy Spot!” They plan to run this kind of fundraiser again in 2021, so if you missed it last time keep an eye out for the next opportunity. Andrea says it had always been on her mind and heart to do something amazing like support the work of a support or service dog. So when she heard that Archway Society for Domestic Peace and Oak Child and Youth Advocacy Centre were getting an Accredited Facility Dog she jumped at the opportunity to be Cirque’s sponsor. Andrea says it’s just the right fit for her business and customers love it. Having an Accredited Facility Dog is truly a team effort and without the support of a business like Healthy Spot Pet Nutrition and Supply, we could not offer this great service and comfort to children and youth at Oak Centre. We could not agree more with Andrea’s words – “It’s a perfect fit.”