Celebrating our one year milestone with Cirque as part of the team!

It is hard to believe it’s already been a year with Cirque as part of the Archway Society and Oak Centre team. Cirque has blossomed into her role as she accompanies children and youth in interviews, meetings and court appearances. The impact of having her on the team is truly amazing. Taylor, a community based victims service worker at the court house puts it like this, “I was able to observe Cirque with a young witness. The young girl had a chance to take a break from testifying and while on break she played tug
of war with Cirque. It was pretty amazing to see a child smiling and enjoying herself while experiencing what could very well be one of the most difficult days of her life. I felt proud and amazed that we had gained such a valuable member to our team.” Big thanks to Cirque’s handler mamas Brooke and Daphne and her sponsor Healthy Spot Pet Nutrition & Supply for bringing her through the first year, with many more to come! Now let the dog spoiling begin!